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VC BALTIC besides non-ferrous metal trading are providing logistic and custom warerehouse service

Trading of metal scrap

Mostly of non-ferrous metal scrap are accepting in 4000m2 indoor warehouse located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Company is dealing with all kind of non-ferrous metal scrap and no matters what quantity suppliers wants to deliver on DAP, EXW or CIF basis. Also company are buying scrap with direct business type on CIF or FOB basis.  

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Trading of metal ingots

Non-ferrous ingots are one of the main company items, which was started in early's 90. Company are buying brass, aluminium, lead, zinc, bronze and copper ingots all around the world, mostly with delivery to the custom warehouse. In products page are written all information about grade of ingots what company are trading.

Logistic Service

The company owns two trucks, which delivering metal scrap, but in same time it can perform other cargo deliveries as well. Moreover, company logistic departament have experience to assist customer for finding best rates for them as well.

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Packaging Factory

Custom Warehouse Service

In 2019 company acquired own custom warehouse which is located near scrap warehouse. This helps company to save costs for preparing and reloading ingots. Custom warehouse service is available for other customer and not only for metals.

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